Saturday, November 24, 2007 that spelled correctly, is it a word??

This year we had a nice Thanksgiving. It was small, non traditional, but very nice.

Friday I was shopping by 4:30 am and ended up getting a few really nice things for Christmas at decent prices. Joel and I also put up the outside decorations. It looks pretty neat.

The three little lights on the left side are presents. The seven foot Elmo is from last year. And there is a toy solider near the doorstep that is from Barry's Marmette's house. She gave it to us when we lived in Lafayette. The ULL Sign is a year round staple in the yard...courtesy of Ms Fay who .....shall we call it...... procured it for me from a McDonald's in Broussard. Great stuff!

This morning I decorated McAlisters. My Mom's friend Aunt Liz was in from Dallas and we visited with her and her children this morning. It was really fun.

And - the title for the post is Thankfulness (I mean that is the season right)
So we are thankful for:
- Health
- Jobs
- Good friends/Family
- Hearing from our friends
- God's grace
- Joel said he is thankful for the TV...imagine that.
& many more things

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I am going to go put on the Christmas music, haul in the boxes and put up the tree.


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