Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas - at Home

A few pictures from Christmas!!
We had a great time. Hopefully you did too!

Charlie and Rufus on Christmas Eve

Joel putting cookies under the tree for Santa. He is wearing his new pajamas! Starwars Lego - he loves them.

Joel getting ready to put the reindeer food outside.

The boys...ready for Santa to come

Joel has come to love Barry's favorite Christmas treat...the Orange Chocolate Orange. So when Barry pulled the Orange Chocolate Orange out of the stocking, Joel said "Daddy, I'll share with you"... Kids...aren't they great lol

We spent the day putting together Transformers, cooking and taking a few naps. We had a Merry Christmas. We are looking forward to exciting things in 2009! Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy New Year!!
God Bless & Love,

Merry Christmas - Trip to Arizona

We spent a few days in Arizona celebrating Christmas with my grandparents, aunts and cousin. We had a great time. Here are a few pics!

Joel and Gen cooking

Kids doing Moon Sand with Uncle Dan

Mr cutie pie

Mom, Mimi and Gen

Me, Joel, Gen, Aunt Steph and Minnie

Joel playing in the park...he LOVED this thing...whatever you call it.

Joel at the park.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunday - Just a few pics before Church

Joel was so cute so I snapped a few quick pics before church.

Christmas Program - Christmas Around the world

Joel's first Christmas Program was last week. He held the stage down in his area...he didn't sing and barely moved. His class was from Hawaii and sang a Hawaiian Christmas song.

Who was the guy from Star Trek that also did Rainbow Reader on Joel trying to be him??

For always ask for one of is one that his half decent! Go Barry!

Getting our Christmas Tree

This year Joel's class took a field trip to Curry Christmas Tree Farms in Start. Barry went with his class and was impressed with their operation. We decided to get a tree from them this year. It was so fun to pick our tree, play and have some warm cider. This was right after we were at Biedenharn, hense the dress clothes for Joel.

Joel by the pond...there are normally ducks, but it was chilly, so I guess they were all hanging out somewhere else.

Us with our tree just before we tagged it....Dad took the pic...finger in the flash style.. lol

A few pics of the most beautiful sunset I have seen in a long time

And who can resist the barrel train!!

Isn't that the most amazing color ever!

The decorated tree!

Christmas @ Biedenharn

Two of the cutest kids in the world. I swear this melts my heart every time I see it. Harley and Joel are the funniest pair of kids ever. If you only knew the mischief that was behind all this cuteness. About 20% of the time its like DeDe and I have twins lol.


I can't even believe...this is my baby..... He is adorable though

Joel and Brooke. They have been pals since they were in the baby room at FUMC.

How you know that you are tired...

I had made Joel a snack....and he was quiet...I walked into the living room and checked on him...apparently he was tooooo tired to eat.

The rest of our Colorado Visit

In the field behind Ms Fay's subdivision is a really fun 4wheeler trail. On the trail one evening we saw some deer and a fox....We went back to get the camera and the deer were still there. The fox was not. Here are some really pretty deer.

Joel on a little ledge at Crested Butte....we went sledding again.. I'll save you *joy* of seeing more sledding pictures.

Joel and I and our little bitty snowman.

Joel serving the salad at dinner....he was really good at it. He had a blast!

The Birthday Group! We ate Dinner at this fab place...and although the food was good, the company was better.

Barry and Ms. Fay
We went to this hotdog place to was good, it was neat and we had a good time.

This concludes the Colorado trip..

The last pic is in Monroe on the trip back to CO for Gram, Ms Berny, GiGi and PawPaw Roy.

Landscapes from Colorado

I have gone thru some of my Colorado pictures and taken some of my fave landscapes. 99% of these were taken from a moving car.....there is probably some movement in the foreground...but they are ok..
The land is so beautiful there....too bad its freezing cold all the time

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Playing at Crested Butte

The coolest chocolate shop of them all.

Kochevar's Karolina's Kitchen...gooooood food! The white blur is a tad bit of snow!!

Barry and Amy at Kochevar's

Joel in the snow outside of Kochevar's....It began snowing while we were there and we got a pretty decent layer.

Joel with a hunk of ice/snow stuff

The snow clouds coming over the mountains

This is where the fun starts. We found a pretty good hill with a decent amount of snow. We used the little round sled disk things and had a blast. This was one of the most amazing times I have had in a long time. These pictures are funny..there are about 300 of them, so we just picked out some of the best ones. Barry was on camera for the most part, he did a great job capturing the moment.

Joel after I got him all suited up in the car. He has some snow bibs and snow boots. They kept him all nice and dry and warm. I was wearing jeans. Next time I am borrowing Ms Berny's Carharts! I was cold and wet (but having a BLAST!!!!!!!!)

Mom getting Joel started on the disk. All the little weeds are lavendar. They smelled sooooo good. So when you went thru them you smelled fab!

Joel losing control

The 'face plant' - as good parents I am trying to get down and Barry is steadily taking pictures. lol...preserving the moment & trying to offer help

He got up and was a happy boy. He wanted to do it again. He did it lots of more times, with far much more style and grace. This was the one and only face plant for Joel.

Throwing snow at the camera crew!

Gram supervising

Joel and Mom on another run

Dad on a ride down. He only went down once. He was a fraidy cat

Joel throwing snow at Mom on her way up the hill.

Another trip down


My turn!

I lost control...see the rock, I uncovered it.

My face plant

I got up happy too, it was actually pretty fun!

My precious baby boy!!! Its hard to believe that he is almost 4...and big enough to do all this big boy stuff!!

Ms Berny's ride down

Joel getting some air...he was a few inches off of the snow.

Mom going again

Wipe out!

After a successful ride. There were way more successes, just the wipeouts make for better blog material. You might as well get a giggle!

Daddy cheesing it up

Mr Cutie pie..he was happy about the snow!!

How cute is this!?

Having fun sledding down!

One last cheese!

We were up and down this hill for at least an hour. We had the best time. Joel and I were exhausted by the time we finished. I was soaked as the snow melted on my pants. We stopped at the candy shop and got some really great candy and hot chocolate for the ride home.

I hope you got a good giggle!