Saturday, May 31, 2008


A few pics...just kind of random.

DeeDee's hibiscus

Guess who. Who would guess that he would be wearing a child's super hero mask...defiantly not something we have seen before...(hahahahahahahaha)

Joel a Kiroli a few weeks ago - I can't decide if we are going to do the surfer look for the summer or if I should cut his hair. Its so cute I think we are going to let it grow this summer.

Can not wait until vacation!

Barry, Joel and I are going to New Orleans the third week in June. I can not wait to get to the city. We will have a great time! I can't wait.
It will be too hot to visit the Zoo...we went to the Aquarium last we might not go this time..unless I can bribe Barry.
BUT - On June 13 the Audubon Insectarium opens.

Maybe we can go there!! It looks like fun!

I can't wait!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Welcome Summer!!

It has been nice and sunshiny for several days this past week. We have also been on a small home improvements kick...really to the outside of the house. That is where Joel and I spend 80% of our time before dark.

Maybe in a few weeks I'll start working on the interior.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the current improvements!

Our new grill (Thank you Ms. Fay and Lowes) and our patio. Barry did most of the digging. I hauled away the dirt and I layed most of the brick. The 4 spots where there are big gaps are going to be filled in with quickcrete and our handprints. There is also a brick from Ms. Fay's house in Chalmette in there..we have 3 more, they are probably going in too. I really think this looks awesome...especially compared to what it looked like before. Thanks Mom for more of the green chairs! Also check out how high my glads are!! Next year we should have beautiful gladiolas all summer long. I planted them too late this year, but they are so pretty just as greenery.

Joel sitting on our new patio.

Barry grilling, before we put the new patio down...I am the grill master so far...Barry made one scary chicken was yuck. He has yet to redeem himself. He is pictured modeling with the bacon wrapped green beans. One of my favorite items.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Been busy

We have been really busy so I have forgotten to post, but a quick update...

I have my little photography company going, slowly but surely...I am starting off very small scale. I hope that eventually I can close in my garage and have a little bitty studio to work in...not full time, but hobby++.

Art! Joel and Harley did an art project this week while I was tending to my garden and watering everything. Here is one of Joel's originals. I did not help him at all and I didn't see it until it looked like this. I was amazed. It is so cool!

My baby garden
I planted a very small garden in a little fenced area that we used to have a baby pool in. I figured the fence is good to keep small people out of the plants. I planted it by hand and didn't worry about getting the grass out. If this works well, next year I might rent a tiller and make a 'for real' garden...but then again, this way was really not that bad..and didn't cost anything other than a few plants.
I planted strawberries, cucumbers, watermelons and eggplant. I hope it all takes off. I also have some broccoli and spinach seeds. They are for later in the summer....I can't wait. I love tending to my little garden and flowers. Joel helps me every day. I had a tiny strawberry today out of my garden.