Thursday, November 15, 2007

Joel's New Hair do

Joel got a haircut today...his first in a very long time. I love it long, but it was in his eyes...and it is hard to find anyone to leave length on a poor child's hair. I wish I could find a children's specialty hair place...but there is no such thing around here.
So - we went to a barber shop. It went well. The barber, Christi, changed the TV from sports center to cartoons....and he was comatose from that point and she could pretty much do his hair with no interruptions (whining fits, squirming).
The new do....

Mr. Mike (our neighbor that Joel adores) was riding his bike outside with a helmet light yesterday. Joel thought it was the neatest thing. Mr. Mike gave Joel a headlight today. He wore it while playing outside in a pile of leaves with Harley (another neighbor). Somehow a stick ends up being some sort of rocket all the time. They could have played in the leaves for hours.

Bed time

A cute video...

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