Saturday, March 10, 2012

A treat for a friend!

I made this precious little thing for Mindy's Dawn!

So now I have to make one for Eleanor!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


I love sewing...sometime this fall (before we knew we were expecting), I went to an estate sale with my bestie. I sat in a chair and went thru baskets of hand embroidered goodies. I picked several out. I was going to make a dress with an apron for my craft booth... However, this afternoon as I was sitting in my sewing room.... I had a brilliant thought!! PILLOW for Eleanor!

This table runner had a few holes in it that were pretty big. There are also a few stains..but the stains are really not that bad. I think I paid $4 it at the estate sale..Again, I was going to use it to embelish two dresses. Not to shabby.

So I made a cut right below the large hole. I had a flour sack towel that has about the same texture..laying around from the Dollar Tree..waiting for embroidery I am sure :)
I zig zagged the top edge of the table runner where I cut it. Then I sewed the embroidery piece to the flour sack towel, right sides together, just along the top edge where I had cut it.

Then I flipped it down and sewed the whole square down, leaving the lacy part at the bottom free. Then I sewed a basic square, leaving a 4 inch opening to stuff with polyfill. I filled it up and closed up with hand stitches.

The crochet lace is free, and just kind of dangles. I love the way it turned out!!

I also had large scrap of minky from her blanket, and used my embroidery machine to place her name on it..

Now she has some cute pillows for her room!

More cute stuff for Eleanor's room

I made this bow holder from a picture frame and two spools of ribbon. I think its precious!

Just weave the ribbon...and staple on the back of the frame.


Eleanor's Bedding

I have made some Eleanor's bedding..get a load of this cuteness!

The beginning :) I serged all the blocks together and then put the center piece in.

I cut the tree out of a single piece of corduroy. I should have backed it first, it took forever to get it backed so I could sew it down. I cut out 77 leaves to go on it..not anything special with the number..just stopped when I thought there were enough leaves there :)

Tree is ironed and zig zagged down. Leaves are placed. Have I mentioned how much I love fusible webbing lately??

Leaves sewn down. I used a zig zag stitch with a sulky kelly green. It made the most beautiful contrast!

Check this out... I just love it!!

A little more detail :)

Added a squirrel, owl and a butterfly. I just love the top!

Added two layers of super soft batting, minky back and then bias tape binding. I love it! I think I have about 20 hours in this quilt. I have not counted the number of fabrics in there yet...but at last count there were at least 30. I need to count them up one day...maybe when there is no other crafting to be done :)

Long time no post :)

So I have decided I want to take up blogging again... lets see how this goes :)

So lots of stuff has happened. Joel is 7, has lost two teeth and we are expecting a baby sister in June!

Tooth fairy pillow loaded and ready to go!

His school party

Light saber cupcakes at his party :)

I think he had a good time!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

OK trying to get back into the habit, so Barry will be happy :)

Long time no post....
Anyway, Here are some from today. I made Joel a cape. I have to get the materials to make him a utility belt now...he is BATMAN!
He loves his superheros...I guess just like any other little boy :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Art Show @ FUMC Preschool

Joel's school had an art show last night to display some of the art they have done thus far this year. The theme was 'A Bug's life'. The hors d'oeuvres were gummy worms, bug ghram cracker cookies, and more bug snacks. It was fun. Here are a few pics.

The bug take home project. Each child was sent home with 3 small paper plates and asked to make a bug. There were alot of amazing bugs!!

Joel's is the lady bug. We glued felt to the plates and stuffed the bottom plate to make the lady bug puffy. We covered the other plate with felt and used brads to make moveable wings. This was a fun project!

Joel's Polar Bear project.

Joel's proud to be an American project. He is pround to be an American because he can play with Autobots and Transformers. (imagine that)

Joel's class made aliens. His is the one in the middle with 3 legs.

Joel's turkey is the one facing the right.

The entire school's bugs. Each child had a bug with their face on it. The teachers and staff did an amazing show putting it together.

Joel sitting on the pew waiting for us. I had put texture paste in his hair to make it stand up...and he pushed it all back down..except the pieces in the back lol

Spring is here!

Long time no post, so I have some good stuff to share.
Happy St Patrick's Day!

Joel and his best friend Harley on the Trampoline! Thank you Gram!

I can fly! And I am 'not lucky, just cute'

The cutest 2 kids that I know.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas - at Home

A few pictures from Christmas!!
We had a great time. Hopefully you did too!

Charlie and Rufus on Christmas Eve

Joel putting cookies under the tree for Santa. He is wearing his new pajamas! Starwars Lego - he loves them.

Joel getting ready to put the reindeer food outside.

The boys...ready for Santa to come

Joel has come to love Barry's favorite Christmas treat...the Orange Chocolate Orange. So when Barry pulled the Orange Chocolate Orange out of the stocking, Joel said "Daddy, I'll share with you"... Kids...aren't they great lol

We spent the day putting together Transformers, cooking and taking a few naps. We had a Merry Christmas. We are looking forward to exciting things in 2009! Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy New Year!!
God Bless & Love,

Merry Christmas - Trip to Arizona

We spent a few days in Arizona celebrating Christmas with my grandparents, aunts and cousin. We had a great time. Here are a few pics!

Joel and Gen cooking

Kids doing Moon Sand with Uncle Dan

Mr cutie pie

Mom, Mimi and Gen

Me, Joel, Gen, Aunt Steph and Minnie

Joel playing in the park...he LOVED this thing...whatever you call it.

Joel at the park.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunday - Just a few pics before Church

Joel was so cute so I snapped a few quick pics before church.

Christmas Program - Christmas Around the world

Joel's first Christmas Program was last week. He held the stage down in his area...he didn't sing and barely moved. His class was from Hawaii and sang a Hawaiian Christmas song.

Who was the guy from Star Trek that also did Rainbow Reader on Joel trying to be him??

For always ask for one of is one that his half decent! Go Barry!