Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Today Santa was at the Glenwood Medical Mall in West Monroe. We went this afternoon. Joel was so handsome!

Joel and Lillie all dressed up. They are two cute kids. Cassandra made a good point. Lillie is 2 years older than Joel. I wonder - is Lillie really short OR is Joel really tall?

Joel with Santa. We will get the professional version of this picture in a few weeks, I didn't get one with him looking at me. Hopefully Patty's is better.

Joel with the elves...such a lady's man.

On the way home...his craft from school this week was a headdress type thing. He loves it and is so proud of it.


Anonymous said...

He is too cute! It looks like he had a lot of fun!

Erin said...

Is Lillie standing up straight in that pic? I knew she was small for her age, but its hard to believe her and Joel are the same height. All the pics were precious. I love the one with Joel and the "elves."