Monday, December 15, 2008

Getting our Christmas Tree

This year Joel's class took a field trip to Curry Christmas Tree Farms in Start. Barry went with his class and was impressed with their operation. We decided to get a tree from them this year. It was so fun to pick our tree, play and have some warm cider. This was right after we were at Biedenharn, hense the dress clothes for Joel.

Joel by the pond...there are normally ducks, but it was chilly, so I guess they were all hanging out somewhere else.

Us with our tree just before we tagged it....Dad took the pic...finger in the flash style.. lol

A few pics of the most beautiful sunset I have seen in a long time

And who can resist the barrel train!!

Isn't that the most amazing color ever!

The decorated tree!

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Allie Lacombe said...

Looks like y'all are ready for Christmas! I really enjoy looking at all of your wonderful pictures.