Monday, December 15, 2008

The rest of our Colorado Visit

In the field behind Ms Fay's subdivision is a really fun 4wheeler trail. On the trail one evening we saw some deer and a fox....We went back to get the camera and the deer were still there. The fox was not. Here are some really pretty deer.

Joel on a little ledge at Crested Butte....we went sledding again.. I'll save you *joy* of seeing more sledding pictures.

Joel and I and our little bitty snowman.

Joel serving the salad at dinner....he was really good at it. He had a blast!

The Birthday Group! We ate Dinner at this fab place...and although the food was good, the company was better.

Barry and Ms. Fay
We went to this hotdog place to was good, it was neat and we had a good time.

This concludes the Colorado trip..

The last pic is in Monroe on the trip back to CO for Gram, Ms Berny, GiGi and PawPaw Roy.

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