Sunday, February 19, 2012


I love sewing...sometime this fall (before we knew we were expecting), I went to an estate sale with my bestie. I sat in a chair and went thru baskets of hand embroidered goodies. I picked several out. I was going to make a dress with an apron for my craft booth... However, this afternoon as I was sitting in my sewing room.... I had a brilliant thought!! PILLOW for Eleanor!

This table runner had a few holes in it that were pretty big. There are also a few stains..but the stains are really not that bad. I think I paid $4 it at the estate sale..Again, I was going to use it to embelish two dresses. Not to shabby.

So I made a cut right below the large hole. I had a flour sack towel that has about the same texture..laying around from the Dollar Tree..waiting for embroidery I am sure :)
I zig zagged the top edge of the table runner where I cut it. Then I sewed the embroidery piece to the flour sack towel, right sides together, just along the top edge where I had cut it.

Then I flipped it down and sewed the whole square down, leaving the lacy part at the bottom free. Then I sewed a basic square, leaving a 4 inch opening to stuff with polyfill. I filled it up and closed up with hand stitches.

The crochet lace is free, and just kind of dangles. I love the way it turned out!!

I also had large scrap of minky from her blanket, and used my embroidery machine to place her name on it..

Now she has some cute pillows for her room!

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