Sunday, February 19, 2012

Eleanor's Bedding

I have made some Eleanor's bedding..get a load of this cuteness!

The beginning :) I serged all the blocks together and then put the center piece in.

I cut the tree out of a single piece of corduroy. I should have backed it first, it took forever to get it backed so I could sew it down. I cut out 77 leaves to go on it..not anything special with the number..just stopped when I thought there were enough leaves there :)

Tree is ironed and zig zagged down. Leaves are placed. Have I mentioned how much I love fusible webbing lately??

Leaves sewn down. I used a zig zag stitch with a sulky kelly green. It made the most beautiful contrast!

Check this out... I just love it!!

A little more detail :)

Added a squirrel, owl and a butterfly. I just love the top!

Added two layers of super soft batting, minky back and then bias tape binding. I love it! I think I have about 20 hours in this quilt. I have not counted the number of fabrics in there yet...but at last count there were at least 30. I need to count them up one day...maybe when there is no other crafting to be done :)

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