Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fun in New Orleans!

Last week we were in New Orleans for a few days. We went down on Saturday morning and came home on Tuesday. We had a blast.

Here are a few pics..

Saturday we (Barry, Joel, Krissy, Camile (Ms Christina), Nathan, Johnathan and I) went to the zoo. We got rained out, about 25% thru...but it was the best time and I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

The obligatory flamingo picture for Mimi.

For comparison...this is Joel in the same spot... the first is from 9/06..the second is from 6/08. No that is not the same shirt. I just like bright colors and blue obviously..

Joel, Barry & Nathan

Too sweet. My boys..looking at some animals

Monkey See..

Monkey do

A beautiful flower

Joel playing on the dinosaur slide

Amy & Kristin

The cutest kid in the whole entire world!

Just before the downpour

Everybody ran...we just stayed and let it rain on us...we had several umbrellas. Joel had a rain coat and a canopy on the stroller. We huddled up and then ran to the front a while later after we got soaked to the bone. Barry had to hold my pants jeans were so heavy when wet that they kept falling. His shirt was he just took it off. It was sooo funny!

Magnolias from Grampy's tree

Joel in the baby pool

Nanny chillin

Tripod Wolverine on the Chalmette Ferry

Lunch at Rocky's

Yummy Spaghetti!

The end...we went home straight from Rockys...well we detoured at the Camera shop..but that is another matter :)

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Kristin H. LaBiche said...

Awww I had a fun time @ the zoo too granted that we gotten rained on! Lol