Friday, May 2, 2008

Been busy

We have been really busy so I have forgotten to post, but a quick update...

I have my little photography company going, slowly but surely...I am starting off very small scale. I hope that eventually I can close in my garage and have a little bitty studio to work in...not full time, but hobby++.

Art! Joel and Harley did an art project this week while I was tending to my garden and watering everything. Here is one of Joel's originals. I did not help him at all and I didn't see it until it looked like this. I was amazed. It is so cool!

My baby garden
I planted a very small garden in a little fenced area that we used to have a baby pool in. I figured the fence is good to keep small people out of the plants. I planted it by hand and didn't worry about getting the grass out. If this works well, next year I might rent a tiller and make a 'for real' garden...but then again, this way was really not that bad..and didn't cost anything other than a few plants.
I planted strawberries, cucumbers, watermelons and eggplant. I hope it all takes off. I also have some broccoli and spinach seeds. They are for later in the summer....I can't wait. I love tending to my little garden and flowers. Joel helps me every day. I had a tiny strawberry today out of my garden.

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