Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a great Easter. We had a wonderful weekend! Here are some of the pics.

Saturday - We went to the Biedenharn Gardens to see the Easter bunny. We had a great time!

In a huge tree in Forsythe Park.

A fave!

Joel said the tulips smelled like Mashed Potatoes - I

My - what big puppy dog eyes you have!


Sunday - We went to church and there was a big easter egg hunt after church. It was so fun! When we got home we hid eggs at home. We had almost 150 eggs at home (recycled from Church and school and some new ones) Our backyard was COVERED with eggs! Joel was so tired, he didn't finish picking them up, but he did have a blast with his baseball bat and bubbles!

Eggs a plenty. The whole yard was covered!

A cool Elmo egg!

Checking out the loot in an egg

BUBBLE horn! He loves it!

Stirring bubbles

Playing baseball! He actually hit the ball the first several times I threw it to him.

Sr cutie

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Nanny Kristin H. Labiche said...

Joel said the flowers smelled like mashed potatoes... Lol, he is weird and crazy, but such a cutie!!!