Sunday, January 27, 2008

Joel's Party Weekend

We had a great party at Excalibur. Barry's Aunt and Uncle and family came in from Houma and Erath, Barry's Mom came in from Colorado, Kristin came in from New Orleans and Dan came in from DeRidder. We had a great time. It was so nice to see every one.

Here are some of the pics..

Gram and Joel

Joel's was gooood!

Joel getting ready to blow the candles

Joel's new spiderman bed. Mr. Mike built it and Mrs. Janice painted it. It is awesome! Mimi and Mrs. Janice & Mr. Jonathan got him the new bedroom set.

Joel in his big new truck! Thank you Gram!


Anonymous said...

Looks like ya'll had too much fun! I am sorry that we couldn't be there! Maybe next year. Tell Joel I said Happy Birthday.

Kristin H. LaBiche said...

Looks like yellow is my color huh?

Joel ha soo muh fun and so did I... I hope he likes his new bed!!!!!

Nanny Kristin LaBiche