Monday, December 24, 2007


I made cookie dough this morning. Charlie and I rolled it out and and baked the cookies. Barry, Mom, Charlie, Joel and I decorated them tonight. It was toooo funny!

Warning - if you are easily offended or squimish, you might skip this post and check out something else...there are some crude cookies.

Barry's 'stache.

Charlie and Barry

Charlie and Barry.....tooo funny!

Charlie trying to make some sign after Barry and Charlie were.


My snowman. I am so proud of him. He is toooo cute!

My Christmas Tree

Barry's Patrick - from Sponge Bob

How Danny spent pretty much the whole Christmas time..

An LSU Basketball...for PawPaw.

My train complete with Coal Car and Caboose.

Mom's Mardi Gras Snowman

Barry & his Ghost from PacMan

My gingerbread man. Too much botox

Barry's thoruim arrowhead from WoW

Barry's Luke Skywalker

Barry's Ms. PacMan

Charlie and Barry's Wolverine.

Charlie and Barry's Hulk

Charlie's Chuck Norris with numchucks and a throwing star...special He cut the dough free hand.

Poop. Charlie mixed all of the left over frosting and put it on a coal car cookie...they took corn and beans out of the salsa.

All the cookies. Notice the alligator. Charlie cut it out by hand.

I hope you enjoyed. I think Santa will.


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